CyaNet Sports provides two packages. One that is controlled and administered by the school, the second is for the private sector entrepreneur who has a desire to provide local event coverage and generate income for the schools, as well as themselves.
Both Packages contain the same features and recieve the same support from the CyaNet Sports staff.  The only difference is in how the services are paid for. 

CyaNet Sports support team will assist you in securing good loyal supporters / sponsors to make your site profitable.  We also offer accounting and billing assistance to ensure that your site remains active. 

As the Administrator of the site, you have the option to include any or all of the services we offer.  You may choose to host the website without any audio or video broadcasting, or you may add either the audio / video broadcasting seperately, or do both.  There is no hidden cost, the price of the package does not change no matter which features you choose to include in your package.



The reality is here and CyaNet Sports is the one bringing it to you!